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This page allows you to download public beta versions of our future software. If you do not feel confident, please download and use the latest stable 2.0.9 version available here:


Alpha versions

No alpha version.

Beta versions

Autopano Pro or Autopano Giga

Version 2.5 Beta 2

Version 2.5 Beta 1

Autopano Giga :

Autopano Pro :

Autopano Tour 1.1.0 beta 11


Choose your operating system to download Autopano Tour 1.1.0 beta 11:

Information / Documentation

Panotour 1.5 RC

Panotour 1.5 beta 2

Panotour 1.5 beta 1

You need activation key (different from APG or APP key). Update your key on

PanoTour :

PanoTour Pro :

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