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Why have some of the buttons of the tour's control bar disappeared on mobile and tablet devices ?

For better experience, Panotour generates a code which removes useless and/or unsupported buttons of the control bar generated for mobile and tablet devices.

Why can't my tour go fullscreen on my mobile?

Fullscreen is not supported in the HTML5 viewer on many mobiles. You can force the button to show up on your control bar, but it is not guaranteed to make the fullscreen work. See the releated forum post:

Can I view my tour offline on a mobile ?

It is possible but difficult for the moment. The tour does need a web server to work properly. You need to place your exported tour into a local network, accessible from a local ip like
You can also consider using consider using HTML Books.

Why my transparent PNG doesn't appear on iPhone ?

8 bits PNG won't work. Use only 24 bits PNG files.

My tour is crashing on iPad

Due to memory limits, some big tour can be difficult to display on mobile/tablet devices. Reduce the size of images for galleries, the amount of pictures hotspots for a working tour.

LivePano, video spot and display a video action do not display properly on iPhone

On iPhones only, LivePano and video spots will be displayed in fullscreen mode and not seamlessly integrated into the sphere. The «Display a video» action will display the video in fullscreen.

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