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Properties in relation with the current project. Most of parameters are default values that may be changed.

logo YouTube see on YouTube (FR-EN captions available) How to Edit Project Properties in Panotour Pro 2 (rev1)


Project Name properties

  • Name: Here you can type your own title for the project.
  • Thumbnail: No thumbnail by default but your can select yours by clicking on the icon thumbnail placeholder.
    • Important note about social share: By default, if no thumbnail is selected, the thumbnail of the project is the very first panorama. If a thumbnail is set, it will be used as thumbnail for social share.
  • To reset the thumbnail Shift+Click on it.


Project Description property

The Description field can be displayed in different ways. Even if description field is completed, you may not see it appear unless you call it through an action. To learn more about actions, see Plugins in the Style tab. Description contains a built in WYSIWYG Editor that can customize and add HTML features to your text like:

  • Text formatting ans style (Bold, Italic, Underline, Color, Font Family, Font Size).
  • HTML features for enhanced text (Links, Unordered Lists, Ordered Lists).
  • Undo/Redo function.
  • Remove formatting function.


Project Display Properties


This area allows to set up a default foreground color and default background color for styling your tour. This swatch is useful when you are in Style Tab, you can quickly recall these colors on Plugins to match your theme colors.

  • Foreground Color: You can select the default foreground color with the built-in color picker.
  • Background Color: You can select the default background color with the built-in color picker.

Tooltip Style

In this area you can customize the default appearance of tooltips

  • Text Font: Click to open a window to customize font family, font size, font weight, font effect. Please see important notice about font style display.
  • Text Color: You can select the font color and opacity with the built-in color picker.
  • Background:
    • None: No background color.
    • Color: You can select the default tooltip background color with the built-in color picker.
  • Border:
    • Width: Enter the tooltip default width in pixels.
    • Color: Select the default tooltip border color with the built-in color picker.
  • Effect:
    • None: No tooltip effect.
    • Shadowed: Select the shadowed effect as default tooltip effect.
    • Color: Select the default tooltip effect color with the built-in color picker.

Web Safe Font Families: Important Notice About Font Style

Recommended use of web safe font families
Recommended use of web safe font families

Please note that font you choose will may not display correctly on your users device. Font family you select has to be implemented on users computers/devices. Accordingly, prefer web safe font families like:

  • Georgia, serif
  • Palatino Linotype, Book Antiqua, Palatino, serif
  • Times New Roman, Times, serif
  • Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif (Recommended for readability and compatibility).
  • Arial Black, Gadget, sans-serif
  • Comic Sans MS, cursive, sans-serif
  • Impact, Charcoal, sans-serif
  • Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida Grande, sans-serif
  • Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif
  • Trebuchet MS, Helvetica, sans-serif
  • Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif
  • Courier New, Courier, monospace
  • Lucida Console, Monaco, monospace


Project Order properties

This box displays the order that will be used in panoramas/groups of panoramas menus of your tour. This will also define thumbnails order in your menus. How to change the order:

  • Simply drag n drop the item: First object is at the top of the list and the last one at the end.


Panotour Pro 2 only This feature is available only on Panotour Pro 2

Project Background Sound Properties

Insert a background sound to your project. Insert a background sound to your group.

  • Click on select button button to select a sound file.
  • This is the default background sound that will be played on every picture/panorama that doesn't have its own background sound.
  • You can select a background sound on every picture/panorama, see Picture/Panorama Properties.
  • Only .mp3 files are supported.


Project Author Properties

  • Name: In this field you can complete the Author's name of the tour.
  • Homepage: This field must be an URL.


Panotour Pro 2 only This feature is available only on Panotour Pro 2

Project Floor Plan Properties

The Floor Plan allows your visitors to easily and quickly know their current position in the tour and then make your tour more convenient to navigate through.

  • You can assign a floor plan to each project and group of pictures/panoramas.
  • You can add Hotspots to each floor plan.
  • Image file format supported is *.png, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.kro, *.psd, *.psb and *.tif

Add/Remove a Floor Plan

Floor plan selected

  • To add a floor plan, click on the icon Icon folder opened and select your file.
  • Now you can edit hotspots on your selected floor plan.
  • To remove the floor plan, Shift+Click on the thumbnail.


  • Title: Enter title text you wish to display on the window when your floor plan is opened. Leave empty if you don't want to display a title.
  • Orientation: To orientate properly your tour, set the orientation of your floor plan. You have to know when the north cardinal point is oriented on your floor plan. This value is important especially for radar view. To orientate your picture/panorama, drag the compass to match the orientation of your floor plan.

Add/Remove Hotspot in Floor Plan

Through Hotspot Editor you can add Point hotspots in your floor plan and style your own map spots in Style tab. You can also add a Radar on your point spot with the Floor Plan Plugin.


Project Auto Rotation Properties


Here you can set up the default auto rotation parameters:

  • Direction: Radio button to specify whether your auto rotation go to the left or to the right.
  • Delay: Set the delay in seconds before the auto rotation starts.
  • Speed: Set the number of degrees per second the auto rotation works.


Panotour Pro 2 only This feature is available only on Panotour Pro 2

Determines the behavior of your project about the loading of the next panorama:

  • After a Full Rotation: Loads next picture/panorama when a whole 360° autorotation is completed. Inactive when autorotation is not enabled.
  • After n Seconds: Loads next picture/panorama after a specified number of seconds you can select (from 1 second to 600 seconds).


Project Start parameters Properties


  • Make a choice how you wish the tour to be started:
    • No Rotation: Your tour starts without autorotation.
    • Autotour: Your tour starts using Autotour parameter.
    • Autorotation: Your tour starts with autorotation parameter.

Little Planet

Panotour Pro 2 only This feature is available only on Panotour Pro 2

Project Start parameters Little Planet Properties

This function makes a fancy and immersive animation to introduce your tour. Start from a little planet and automatically go to your customized projection position. This makes an incredible zoom effect.
It requires a full 360°x180° spherical panorama as a starting image to work.

  • Checkbox lets you choose to start or not with the little planet projection.
  • You can specify the duration of the effect.
  • Checkbox lets you choose wether you wish to apply the effect on each panorama.

Notice: Starting with little planet projection may increase significantly the page load time.

Splash Screen

  • In this field you can optionally add a splash screen to your tour. Your splash screen is displayed when the tour starts.
  • Image file supported *.png, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif

Mouse Navigation Mode

  • Determines the behavior of your mouse on click down:
    • Drag To: Drag n drop type behavior. On click down, the panorama sphere follows your mouse movements.
    • Move To: From the point you click down, you move through the panorama sphere according to the position between your click down and your current position. The more your mouse is away from this point, the more you get speed in your movements.


  • Toggle on or off sounds when tour starts. This includes background sounds and hotspots sounds.
  • Note that sounds can be switched on or off later with Control Bars and other Plugins.


  • Start Tour with Hideable Controls Hidden: Checkbox that allows to hide controls which can be hidden.

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