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In some cases, Autopano fails to stitch some images sets, this is generally due to either the shooting or the subject shot. Then stitching may require more time to obtain a satisfying result: It is sometimes necessary to modify the detection and/or optimization settings, remove bad links and/or add new control points, re-optimize the panorama or recheck the links, etc. This tutorial shows several and different difficult common cases where such adjustments are required:

  • Repetitive patterns: when source images contain too many similarities.
  • Lens type issue: this could happen with a few lenses with which the focal length is too close from the switching value between Standard and Fisheye lenses, ie 15mm.
  • Low details: when source images are images of blue sky or white walls, any homogenic surfaces or details.
  • Moving objects: typically, images of sea, waves or clouds when shooting under a windy weather.

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